Being productive is important to many people, and feeling happy is a major step in that direction. Part of that happiness is making sure that you are healthy, eating right, and maintaining optimal levels of important nutrients. Inositol is a particular nutrient with a plethora of uses within the brain and body which can be supplemented to promote vitality.
What is Inositol?
Inositol (cyclohexane-1,2,3,4,5,6-hexol) is a slightly sweet six carbon sugar and B-vitamin like substance made in the body and found in some fruits, beans, and meat. Inositol has many different roles to play in human physiology such as breaking down fats, gene expression, and nerve function. It takes a wide variety of forms in nature and in humans.
Inositol is used as a substrate, or building block, for many compounds. Inositol is transmuted inside the body into many forms which aid in the functioning and the firing of neurons, and inositol transporters are spread throughout the entire human brain. Inositol facilitates the opening of calcium stores in the brain which is critical for neurotransmitters like serotonin to be released and take effect. Through this effect on calcium, inositol is critical in gene expression, although the direct routes are still uncertain. Neurogenesis, the creation of neurons in the brain, is also related to some of the inositol forms that the body creates through ingested and endogenous inositol.
Due to the way inositol is used in the body, there is very little recycling of the compound under certain medications (specifically lithium) which can make inositol supplementation very important for proper brain function. Inositol depletion is being investigated as a potential cause of several unwanted side effects.
Benefits of Inositol
is supplemented by many people for a wide range of purposes. People take inositol to feel happy, more productive, and more focused. Most inositol use is for promoting mental well-being while trying to avoid side effects as much as possible.
By supplementing inositol, the human body is given a plentiful supply to support all of the many functions for which inositol is shown to be crucial.
Inositol Dosage
Inositol dosages range widely. Most people use as little as 500 mg of inositol supplement once or twice a day, and then others take as much as several grams a day. It is very important to pay attention to how your body responds. Another common practice is to take an equal amount of choline with inositol.