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 Hardy Hayscented ferns, perennial plants for the garden

Hayscented fern (Dennstaedtia punctiloba)
The "Dicksonia", as Thoreau called it, was his favorite amoung ferns. Its fronds are sweet-scented when crushed (the smell of new mown hay) ..."medicine thee to that sweet sleep which thou owest yesterday".
The Hayscented Fern is very hardy, never withering with the early frosts. Unlike the Male, or Lady ferns that bleaches almost white, the Hayscented Fern stays green through the winter. Fronds breaking with heavy snow. In the spring its slender fronds seem like beautiful wraiths of thier former selves.
Thier fronds are long-tapering, pale-green thin and very delicate in texture. Reaches a height of 2-3 feet. They like it a bit dryer than thier cousins, will tolerate some sun with sufficient moisture. Often it forms great masses of feathery foliage, over which the air moves lazilly, heavy with the peculiar fragrance of its singularly delicate and intresting fern.

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