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Most workout supplements focus on people who are just entering the world of exercise. Many long time lifters don't really get much out of the more popular pre-workout supplements, and people who are new to exercise usually don't get great effects from their pre-workout shake for long.
That's where Beta Alanine comes in. With the promise of improving athletic performance even for the advanced, Beta Alanine is proving to be a new staple in the supplement cabinet.
What is Beta Alanine?
Beta Alanine is a non-essential (meaning it is made inside the human body) amino acid which is now being used to increase athletic performance and recovery. Shown to reduce and delay muscle fatigue, Beta Alanine is typically in pre-workout stacks featuring other components.
While it is popular in the weight lifting community, Beta Alanine also demonstrates an ability to assist in anaerobic running when taken regularly.
Beta Alanine seems to have an even more pronounced effect on older adults.
The effects of Beta Alanine are not only established, but quite significant. One meta-analysis of Beta Alanine suggested that the effect of Beta Alanine could have taken the last place runner in the 2008 Beijing Olympics' 1,500 m run to a bronze medal position.
How Does Beta Alanine Work? Beta Alanine Benefits
Beta Alanine supplement has been shown to be the rate-limiting factor when it comes to producing carnosine. By increasing the levels of Beta Alanine in the body beyond what the body itself can produce, you can increase muscle carnosine synthesis.
The longer you take Beta Alanine, the more and more it improves carnosine levels which, in turn, improves athletic performance.
Muscle carnosine is implicated in increased muscle buffering capacity and a decrease in hydrogen ions, which would account for the improvement in running performance associated with Beta Alanine supplementation. When these hydrogen ions build up, the pH level of the muscle falls, and this interferes with many metabolic processes required for muscle movement.
There is also some evidence that Beta Alanine might work as an antioxidant, a helpful, sacrificial peptide, or a calcium sensitivity booster in contractile fibers.
Beta Alanine Dosage
Beta Alanine has shown to improve its effect the longer you use it. For this reason it is often "loaded," and not necessarily taken only before a workout.

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Beta Alanine 60/ 750mg caps $4.99