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Dong Quai
Scientific Name: Angelica archangelica Umbelliferae
AKA: Dong-quei, tang-kuei, angelica, dang-qui
Parts Used: root hips, leaves, stems, seeds
Active Compounds: linalool, borneol, bergapten, coumarins
Background: Dong Quai is also known as angelica. It is believe that its use was revealed by a dream when an angel said that it could cure the bubonic plague.
While it's no longer needed to treat bubonic plague, it does have some uses that are helpful in modern times. Dong Quai is a great remedy for women's health problems such as period symptoms and relief from fibrocystic breast disease. In both women and men Dong Quai has been shown to improve cardiovascular health.
Applications: Antispasmodic/Expectorant/Stimulant/Tonic
Dong Quai is primarily used for women's health issues and heart health.
Women's Heatlh: Dong Quai relieves unusual period symptoms such as pain and anemia. It also relieves menopausal hot flashes. It can help to regulate menstruation and relieve vaginal spasms.
Blood: Dong Quai can be used to dissolve blood clots and thin the blood.
Skin: Dong Quai can be used to treat psoriasis.
Dong Quai grows in western Europe, Siberia, and the Himalayan mountains. It is a biennial herb that grows tall - up to 6 feet high. It has bright green leaves and white flowers.It is harvested in late summer or fall.
Dong Quai Dosage:
Women can take 3-4 grams daily for overall health. More can be used for severe problems and less for minor situations. It can be taken in tablet, tincture, capsule, or infusions form. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Do not take Don Quai during pregnancy. Consult your health care provider before beginning use of any herb.

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60 750mg capsules, NUTRA-BRAND Dong Quai capsules $4.99