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Damiana leaf
Scientific Name: Turnera diffusa Turneraceae
AKA: T. diffusa, damiana
Parts Used: Leaves
Active Compounds: arbutin, cyanogenic glycoside, delta-cadinene, thymol
Background: The Damiana plant is native to areas surrounding the Gulf of Mexico. It's commonly found in California, Namibia, and the Caribbean Islands as well. The Mayan people who lived in Central American used damiana as an aphrodisiac. It was also used as a general cure-all tonic. It has also been used to treat minor problems with depression and anxiety.
In Mexico today, Damiana leaves are used to make tea and are used to flavor alcoholic beverages.
Damiana leaf is used most commonly as a health tonic. It's also used to treat acute problems.
Antidepressant: Damiana leaf is used to treat mild depression. Because of its stimulant properties, it can help to relieve stress that results in anxiety and depression.
Sexual Health: Damiana leaf can be used to prevent premature ejaculation and help treat impotence. While damiana has historically been considered primarily helpful for men, women's sex organs can also benefit from it. Damiana Leaf can be used to treat painful periods and other symptoms of menses.
Urinary Tract: Damiana leaf can be used to treat problems with the urinary tract. It is a strong antiseptic and diuretic.
Digestive Health: Damiana leaf can be used as a laxative. It has a mild effect on the intestine and improves the function of the bowel muscles.
The damiana plant is a shrub with strong aromatic properties. It grows as high as 6 feet tall. It has green leaves and grows with small yellow flowers in the summer. It grows well in hot, humid climates. The Damiana leaves are usually harvested in the summer time when the shrub is flowering.
Damiana Leaf Dosage:
Can be taken in tablet form, usually mixed with other herbs.
The leaves of the Damiana plant can be used to make a tea that can be drunk as a tonic for good health.
As a tincture for depression, take 30 drops mixed with water 4 times each day.
As an infusion for urinary infections and a tonic, drink 1 cup each day.
No negative safety information is available regarding the use of Damiana Leaf. Consult your health care provider before beginning use of any herb.

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60 750mg capsules, NUTRA-BRAND Damiana leaf capsules $4.99