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What is DMAE?
DMAE Bitartrate is a powdered form of the compound Dimethylaminoethanol (also known as DMAE or Deanol), a naturally occurring compound in the brain. DMAE is a precursor to the neurotransmitter choline. The various neurotransmitters play an important role in brain function and cognitive acuity and affect everything from how happy you feel to how much mental energy you have. Choline has been shown to directly influence the areas of learning and memory.
In addition to being beneficial for the brain, DMAE is used as an anti-aging product for skin, which shows how widely beneficial it can be. DMAE can be obtained through diet, but food sources alone are an inconsistent way to acquire it. Supplementation of DMAE, particularly in the easy to mix bulk DMAE bitartrate form, is the ideal way to make sure you reap the full benefits.
DMAE Benefits
Bulk DMAE Bitartrate comes with numerous benefits including boosts to mood, reduction in anxiety, memory improvement, and more. Improved emotional states. DMAE can be a beneficial supplement for a greater overall sense of well-being. A German study looked at the effects of DMAE on the emotional states of two groups. One group was given placebo and the other was given DMAE over a 12 week period. Each group was then shown television clips while the frequency levels of their brains were measured. The groups were also given surveys to gather information on their subjective emotional states. The researchers found that the group given the DMAE supplement reported better moods than the placebo group.
Calmness and Reduced Anxiety. A group of students were given either a placebo or DMAE over a 5 day period. The DMAE group showed greater calmness and less anxiety under stressful exam conditions.
Memory improvements. DMAE seems to function as a neuroprotective agent. The effects of dimethylaminoethanol pyroglutamate, a DMAE compound, were studied on a group of otherwise healthy men that were also given a substance known to cause long-term memory loss. The group given the DMAE compound had reduced long-term memory damage than the placebo group. The researchers concluded that this compound could also be effective for individuals with cognitive impairments.
Lucid dreaming. DMAE can help induce lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is essentially the experience of being awake in your dreams and being able to make choices within them. While it can be seen as something to do just for fun, lucid dreaming can have therapeutic benefits and help creative abilities.
Skin health. As part of many skin care products, DMAE functions as an anti-aging component to improve skin tone and firmness. Aside from the aesthetic benefits it provides, the fact that it is believed to act as an anti-inflammatory agent is even more intriguing, especially when overlaid on the cognitive benefits.
DMAE Dosage
Since DMAE is used for a variety of purposes, the research dosages vary. And, like most cognitive supplements, your exact needs will vary as well. That said, the recommended DMAE dosages start around 150mg daily and increase to 750mg daily depending on the

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