60 750mg capsules, Chaste Tree Berry capsules $4.99

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Chaste Tree Berry, (Vitex agnus castus)
Powder & Whole
Properties and Uses: Normalizes and stimulates pituitary gland functions, particularly those of the female sex hormones; effective on dysmenorrhea, premenstrual stress and especially menopausal changes.
The primary action of this herb in women is that it appears to enhance progesterone levels while lowering estrogen levels. Its historical use as an herb to decrease libido and “keep one chaste” suggest it also has a moderating affect on testosterone function. Though long considered valuable for enhancing progesterone, the potential affect of Vitex on testosterone and estrogen levels must be kept in mind when using of this herb.
Specifically, it should not be taken alone in women with low testosterone symptoms, such as Menopause Types 2, 5, 8 & 11, because of its ability to suppress libido (which is usually low in testosterone deficient Menopause).
In addition on is ability to decrease estrogen, it should not be taken alone with any Menopause Type that has estrogen deficiency symptoms, such as Menopause.
This herb may be used by any Menopause Type with symptoms that suggest progesterone deficiencies.

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60 750mg capsules, NUTRA-BRAND Chaste Tree Berry capsules $4.99