60 750mg capsules, Nutra-Brand Bacopa Monnieri capsules $4.99

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What Is Bacopa Monnieri?
Bacopa Monnieri is a perennial, creeping herb that thrives in wetlands and muddy areas. It is native to much of India, but may also be found in China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam, and even tropical areas of the US like Hawaii and Florida.
This plant has actually been used in the Ayurvedic, Indian tradition for thousands of years. This includes religious ceremonies for babies since this plant was thought to open a gateway to intelligence for the child. Ancient religious leaders reportedly used this plant to help them learn and remember epic poems, enhancing their brain function. It has been reported to help with anxiety, memory disorders, and may even provide relief for hypothyroidism.
Bacopa Monnieri (Bacosides) Benefits
There are a number of interesting benefits associated with Bacopa Monnieri, one of which is that regular use of this herbal supplement can help to reduce overall stress and anxiety.
Bacopa is also referred to as a type of brain tonic in India. This is because it has been associated with improving learning problems, helping memory, and even boosting overall concentration. A recent study on older (but otherwise healthy) adults at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia discovered that Bacopa powder has the ability to improve both memory acquisition and retention.
There are also several international studies that support the ability of Bacopa to help influence the mind in other areas. This includes a 2007 Texas A&M University study showing this supplement reduced amyloid deposits in mice with neurodegenerative diseases [5]. Additionally, an Indian university study found that this supplement has the ability to dramatically improve the symptoms of mood disorders.

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60 750mg capsules, Nutra-Brand Bacopa Monnieri capsules $4.99