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Scientific Name: Anchusa Officinalis, Alkanna Tinctoria, Lithosfermum Tinctorium, Boraginaceae - Borage Family
AKA: Anchusa, Spanish Bugloss, Dyer's Bugloss, Bugloss, Orchanet, Common Alkanet
Parts Used: Root
Background: Used by French women as a temporary make-up solution. Some cultures use the root and turn it into a dye which is then utilized in decorations and staining procedures.
Applications: Internal Organ Function/Astringent
It is often recommended as an expectorant, but no scientific evidence shows it contributes to bringing up phlegm from the body.
Internal Functions: Used to treat digestive difficulties such as ulcers and also helps liver functions, clearing up jaundice and treating kidney stones.
Astringent: When used to make an ointment, it can treat wounds such as snake bites by either applying topically directly to the site or ingesting orally. Can also relieve skin inflammation, such as smallpox or measles. Traditionally used to soften and smooth the skin.
Alkanet is a biennial herb cultivated in Central and Southern Europe. It has oblong leaves that grow on a thick hairy stem which rises to approximately 1-3 feet. Its flowers bloom between May and August and are violet-tinted.
If taken over a long period of time, Alkanet can cause cancer

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60 750mg capsules, NUTRA-BRAND Alkanet capsules $4.99